Falling for Finn – Jackie Ashenden

FallingForFinn_v2Book Details

Title: Falling For Finn

Author: Jackie Ashenden

Publisher: Samhain Publishing Ltd

Published Date: 19 February 2013

ISBN: 1-619-213-303

ISBN13: 978-161-921-330-2

Book won in competition from author


When you’ve been burned, the heat of the moment is the scariest place to be.

Six months after a sexual assault, Anna Jameson has decided enough is enough. She’s sick of being a victim, of letting the experience have power over her. She wants her fear of physical intimacy gone, as in now.

In the quest to reclaim her sexuality, she needs a man. A man she trusts absolutely. A man like her best friend, Finn.

Finn Shaw is all about taking risks. He does it every week on his extreme sports TV show. But there’s one boundary he’s never pushed, and that’s his friendship with Anna. When his hyper-intellectual family kicked him to the curb over his dyslexia, Anna stuck by him.

Her request to become friends with benefits throws him for a loop. He can’t deny her anything, but this is a whole different ball game. Once they’re skin to skin, there will be no hiding the fact that he’s loved her for years.

When their chemistry burns out of control, Finn decides he’s the one who’s had enough. It’s time to break out of the friend box—and show Anna that risking her heart is a risk well worth taking. Even if it costs him her friendship.

Warning: This book contains a strong-willed heroine who knows what she wants, a daredevil hero intent on showing her how much more she could have, sexy love scenes that’ll melt your heart, and a grand gesture you’ll need a tissue for.


Jackie Ashenden’s debut book is intense and passionate.

Best friends, one who has gotten hurt and hidden away, the other who has loved from afar and given up hope. Can they hope to help each other without getting burnt? Will their friendship ever be the same again?

Well developed characters, intense dialogue, steamy sex scenes are mixed with vulnerability, secrets and misunderstandings all finished off with a grand gesture to beat all gestures to create an unforgettable read.

Disclosure: I did want to smack characters heads together at different stages. This made the characters very real for me, as I have often have the same feelings towards my friends!

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