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Review Policy

Authors, publishers and various others, would you like me to review your book?  Please contact Kat at with the Title, Author Name, a description of the novel, release date and any other relevant details.  A link to where I can find more information about your book is always appreciated. Please do not include the book with your initial request.

My preferred format for reviews are ebooks (mobi/ kindle ideally, but I can convert to a readable format as long as there is no DRM). I am also a member of Netgalley.

I do accept print copies, but please keep in mind that I am based in rural Australia so it may take some time for me to receive these.

Not all submissions will be reviewed. I endeavor to only select books based on blurbs that appeal to me, to give you the best chance at receiving a positive review and because, unfortunately, my time is not infinite!

Also, the acceptance of a book does not guarantee that a review will be posted.  If I reach 15% into the book and haven’t been able to connect with it, I will email my contact and offer a space a guest blog or giveaway. Just because the book isn’t right for me, doesn’t mean my readers won’t enjoy it.

I am unable to promise a specific turn around time for reviews.  My blog is heavily effected by my life as the house wife of a shift worker which messes up my timelines!

Please bare in mind that my preferred genres are Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Erotic Romance, Contemporary.

Remember, this is a ROMANCE blog.  Please don’t send me books that contain rape or cheating and definitely DO NOT send books that don’t include a Happily Ever After.  Because, seriously, how doesn’t want a HEA? Other no goes for me are books written in the first person, gay or lesbian romance, chick-lit or young adult (generally).

Guest posts

Would you like to do a guest blog/interview/giveaway on my blog? Email me at

In your email please advise what topic your would like to cover. I ask that you make sure that any images you would like to use are your own.

Images & Copyright

Is there an image on my site that is a copyright violation? Please email me at so that I can have it corrected ASAP.


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